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A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You’ll find answers to many common questions answered right here, in this section. If you require additional information, don’t hesitate to reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

A: Just tell us, we really won’t be offended. We keep detailed records of how each dog is styled for just this reason, but we can only change things if you let us know, and we always appreciate your feedback.

Sometimes due to the condition of a dog’s coat, we have no choice but to perform a clip off/shortie style. The dematting process may be very painful, or sometimes there is just no other way. So we, at PinkDog, will try our best to do what would be more comfortable to your dog. Do not worry! We will let you know in advance, in our short talk during the drop off or through a phone call. However, once we have done this we will be more than happy to show you how to groom your dog to prevent this happening again, and hopefully, will soon have your pet looking exactly the way you want.

A: Get a treatment from your Veterinarian and also worm your animal for tapeworm, as the flea is the intermediate host for this parasite. Also get a household spray for fleas from your vet to use in all areas your dog is going into, e.g., sofas, carpets, skirtings, as these are where the flea breeds. They only go to the dog to feed. So, for every flea, you find on your dog there are much more in its surroundings.

A: Choosing the right breed of dog for your lifestyle is very important as, if you chose a coated breed e.g., a Cocker Spaniel, Bichon Frisé or Poodle, you will have to spend a certain amount of time each day brushing and combing the coat. The choice of leash and collar may impact in your dog’s hair as well. Usually, harnesses tend to increase the matting on long coated breeds. If it gets wet it must be thoroughly dried (just be careful to how dry your dog with a towel) and combed, you may use a waterless no-rinse-conditioner to help, as it will felt if left. A short lesson from your groomer is always an advantage, we are here to help!

A: It could be a tricky question. There are many variables in which could influence the time of grooming, size of the breed, type and length of hair, style of the haircut – shave down or hand-scissoring finish, personality/humor of the dog, dirtiness, etc.. We allow usually approximately 3-6 hours per dog,  so that the dog is not rushed or the groom compromised by lack of time. It takes longer than owners think to professionally bath and dry a dog properly, attends to its ears, nails, and styling. Our philosophy at PinkDog is to make your puppy happy. For this reason, we like to do a “daycare-like”environment, where they will have freedom to play and have fun during the grooming procedure, taking more time than a usual grooming day would take.

“Please remember that animals are not always on their best behavior, so grooming times may vary.”

A: This really depends on the breed of dog and how much time you put into grooming at home. As a general rule, most breeds should be washed and have their nails clipped at least every 8 weeks to keep the skin and coat healthy. However, many breeds with longer
coats should be seen more regularly to prevent matting and keep the coat in manageable condition. For dogs with a puppycut or long hairstyle should come every 4-6 weeks. Frequent visits are recommended for longer coated breeds such as poodles and spaniels.

A: Yes! Many people think that dogs only need haircuts when the weather is warm. However, in the winter it is just as important to care for your dogs’ coat and skin.

“Wet, muddy fur becomes matted far more easily.”

And matted coats don’t dry out properly, increasing the chances of your puppy develop a skin problem or infection since the skin “cannot breath.” This is the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus 

Once a dog is matted, the only option is to shave all the coat off, meaning the dog really could be cold.

If your pet lives indoors, you may choose to keep their coats reasonably short so that they do not overheat when the heating is on. Do not worry about your dog getting cold when out for a walk, it is very effective to get them a coat that can be removed once they are back in the warm. 

A: Most dogs are prone to matting up in certain areas, normally around collars and harnesses, under arms and around the paws. These areas are often more difficult to groom properly and require extra care when grooming out. Using the right equipment is vital and often mats occur when either the wrong type of equipment or the wrong technique is used. We can offer you advice on what to buy and how to use it properly, we also offer many grooming tips for the more high maintenance breeds. Come talk to us!

A: We always recommend that dogs are given a little walk before they arrive so that they can relieve themselves and expel any excess energy. Once your dog leaves the salon it is best to walk again right way since some of the dogs do not do their business in different places. Most dogs are tired after their salon treatments and appreciate a quiet and relaxed evening.

A: Actually, the opposite is the recommended. You should try to find a good match groomer for your dog, and stick with him or her. Try not to jump around, so your puppy will get to accustomate with the style of that groomer. The more often a dog visits, the more she gets used to it. And, eventually,  the dog will accept the process better. Also if a dog is left too long, then there will be more coat and more tangles, in which could result in a longer grooming process, and be more uncomfortable for your pup to tolerate. We recommend dogs that dislike grooming visit more often, come just for baths in between haircuts, as well as regular grooms, keeping the visits more pleasurable. 

At PinkDog, we offer a Socialization Day for new puppies or nervous dogs. It is a 2 hrs training day for the dogs to get used to with the environment and grooming equipment noises. We will take him to the table, offer treats, and risk a light brush out. Therefore, the next time your pup visit us, he will be more comfortable with us, and probably, less reluctant to the grooming process. However, depending on his experience/trauma, we may take few sessions of grooming trials before we succeed and perform a complete grooming.

A: Yes, we always take your pet’s health and condition into account. Also, we have special shampoos that are designed to help dogs with skin conditions – check our “A La Carte” options or “Best Skin in The Neighborhood” treatments options, working along with your Veterinarian. Please, let us know at the drop-off or during the appointment if your dog requires any special treatment.